brand name decision

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Definition: A name (usually a proper noun) applied by a manufacturer or organization to a particular product or service. A brand name may be used and protected as a .
No Name (styled as no name, and in French sans nom) is a line of generic brand grocery and household products sold by Loblaw Companies Limited, Canada
We are happy to brand name decision answer marketing questions of all types here on Branding Strategy Insider. Today, Heather, a Marketer in Detroit, Michigan asks
Developing a name for your company or product is crucial in brand building. It's not a process to take lightly, nor is it wise to rush to a decision because .
Branding Strategy: The TLD Dimension Alex Tajirian Preliminary Draft: November 28, 2005 The Internet's Domain Name System (DNS) 1 has added a new dimension to the .
California Supreme Court Denies Review of First Appellate District's Decision in Conte v. Wyeth Regarding Liability of Brand-Name Drug Manufacturer for Injuries .
What sets a seller apart from one another? Its brand name and retention power. Some of the most famous brand names of the world for every single industry .
Branding is an often under-utilized tool in the small business owner's tool belt. The methods used to choose and build the brand are not clearly understood lea
CREATING A BRAND NAME FOR YOUR COMPANY, PRODUCTS OR SERVICES : The brand name you give or use for your company, products or services is .
BRAND EXTENSIONS: ASPECTS OF CONSUMER DECISION MAKING Michaelle Cameron, University of Texas at Arlington Karin Braunsberger-Messer, University of Texas at Arlington .
Counting on Your Brands Name -- Chris Grannell . We've seen concepts as brands (Escape, Fresh), brand name decision place names as
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