West cox imap settings

24. října 2011 v 13:57

I want to set up my gmail account on my phone and computer via outlook. Should I go . If you can use IMAP, then that is the way to go. With IMAP, the mail and the .
Cox is a cable Internet provider in the United States that furnishes users with an "@cox.net" email address when they sign up for service. You can check your email .
When setting up email, users will need to enter a server name for POP and SMTP. The Post Office Protocol (POP) account enables you to download messages from a server .
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Thunderbird 3.1.3 bird apparently does not work with, at least will not recognize, a POP Mail server for incoming mail. Assigned the wrong port number, too. I use Cox .
If you want to use IMAP instead of POP (you can't use both at the West cox imap settings same time) then use the following settings: Mail path, mail directory (name differs): mail (An empty .
imap.east.cox.net has one IP number (, which also has a corresponding reverse pointer. East.cox.net is a domain controlled by.
As I know Mail program on the your touch (I think you mean iPod Touch) automatically sets up and even verifies e-mail accounts (I mean POP and IMAP ).
I have a Rogers E-Mail account and I want to use my s60 mobile to check E-Mail. West cox imap settings I . Yes go here http://www.nokia.ca/get-support-and-. p/get-settings (chose get .
Incoming central mail server (POP3): pop.central.cox.net: Outgoing central mail server (SMTP): smtp.central.cox.net: Cox Central news server: news.central.cox.net
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